This general policy statement should be read in conjunction with the Company’s Procurement Policy.

The Company is committed to ensuring a responsible and ethical approach to operating sustainably. Whilst the Company will take all reasonable steps to ensure its operations fulfil the steps outlined below in this policy, is also the responsibility of individual employees and suppliers to take reasonable accountability for their own actions.

The Policy acts as guidance of the wider Operational Strategy, setting out principles and actions to further guide decision making and provide a clear and progressive route to leading the sector in this area.

BBCo has a commitment to a Corporate ESG Strategy, which is independently reviewed quarterly.

Raymond Blanc.

Chef Patron of Brasserie Bar Co. Raymond Blanc is widely regarded as a leading figure in the industry, championing the importance of sustainability. His core values of ethical sourcing, organic farming, fishing of replenishable stocks and high-quality animal husbandry are supported and reflected through the BBCo offering. ‘Local and seasonal’ guides the creative direction of menus and provenance is proudly communicated to all guests.


Team Structure.

  • Chef Patron –
  • Executive Chairman –
  • Managing Director –
  • Chief Financial Officer –
  • People Director –
  • Operations Director –BBCo Annual Sustainability Objectives FY23.

Raymond Blanc Mark Derry Richard Ferrier Chris Guy

Helen Melvin Sam Wood

  • Increase Waste Recycling to 75% of output
  • Establish our Carbon Footprint
  • Reduce Energy usage by 2%
  • Achieve a 3* Rating from the Sustainable Restaurant AssociationProduct Selection.BBCo take a seasonality-led approach to sourcing ingredients for menus. Always seeking ingredients of local* provenance wherever possible. The highest quality, pasture reared beef is sourced entirely from the British Isles through award winning butcher to the Crown, Aubrey Allen, whom can validate the provenance of 100% of ingredients.They have been specifically selected to supply BBCO as they are able to ethically rear much larger flocks at the highest welfare standards. These welfare standards are to be in line with Red Tractor assurance levels, and a dedicated Animal Welfare Officer is observing site at all times during production. The beef we purchase is dry aged for 30 days in a specialist chamber and we aim to acquire [80%] of available cuts from each beast to ensure carcass balance and reduce wastage to an absolute minimum.A diverse range of fish are sourced from British waters by day boats, and only from replenishable stocks. BBCo works with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) who ensure that none of the ‘Big 5’ are overfished. Diners are informed of sustainable sourcing on all menu’s, websites and communications. Shellfish is sourced from Loch Fyne, and only ever farmed without the use of pesticides.

Sustainability Policy FY23

BBCo sources their fruit and vegetables from Wellocks, a Red Tractor accredited supplier and never serve eggs from caged hens.

Teas are sourced from producers whom are members of the Ethical Tea Partnership, The Queens Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development and the Rainforest Alliance. Sugar is sourced from the East of England, which travels no more than 28 miles from field to factory. Coffee is supplied by Illy Café – a certified B. Corp organisation as having a positive impact on the environment. Ice Cream is sourced from Jude’s Ice Cream, of Hampshire, also a Certified B Corp Producer and source their milk only from Red Tractor accredited farms.

Brasserie Bar Co recognises the importance of having a responsible sourcing policy for Palm Oil. As such BBCo will evaluate annually Wellocks Palm Oil Policy, as our nominated supplier The Wellocks Palm Oil Policy details RSPO Certification is required for any products supplied through their value chain.

Where palm oil is used in non-Wellocks branded products, it must be sustainably sourced as certified by RSPO or other sustainable accreditation, such as POIG.

Chocolate is sourced via Wellocks from Callibaut – a Cocoa Horizons certified producer. Sugar is sourced locally, from British Supplier Tate and Lyle’s, a Red Tractor certified producer. Milk is sourced from Yew Tree Farm, whom carry a Red Tractor assurance certification.


Quality assurance is very important to BBCo. Aside from high welfare standards of farming, fishing and husbandry throughout the supply chains; BBCo are committed to ensuring all suppliers are accountable for their own sustainability.
Nominated suppliers must demonstrate they have a credible ESG Policy for their business. All potential suppliers will be expected to meet minimum criteria as set out in the BBCo Procurement Policy.

Annual evaluations of nominated suppliers are a further commitment to ensuring transparency and responsibility within the value chain.

Calories, Allergens and Preferences.

Up to 50% of starters and 25% of main course dishes on ALC Menus are either vegetarian or vegan**

Calorie labelling is clearly identified on menus ensuring guests can make informed decisions.

BBCo take a responsible approach to allergen management, and have robust internal processes and training in place in addition to transparency within the supply chain.

Detailed Allergen Matrix’s are made readily available to guests both digitally via QR Codes identified on menu collateral and also printed. Team members undertake refresher training with each new menu cycle.

Responsible Food Safety.

BBCo ensures a robust food safety policy is closely managed an upheld. Operations and Area Chefs undertake proactive site audits of due diligence, compliance and food safety on a weekly basis. Further to this BBCo work with an external partner to manage the overall Health and Safety, and Risk Management of the business.

Southall’s Associates undertake twice yearly unannounced Safety Audits, with a strong Food Policy leaning. Average Group compliance remains above the Co. target of 90% at 95% ***

Employee Wellbeing.

BBCo provide freshly prepared meals to all employees every day. These are always vegan first with the option to add meat or fish.

BBCo ensures equal pay for equal roles and hourly paid employees are paid for every hour they work. Gratuities are distributed solely to employees. All employees are able to access their earned pay early via an App.

Sustainability Policy FY23

During the Pandemic a crisis fund for employees was formed of £20,000. BBCo sent over 70,000 letters to employees during lockdown to make sure their people (1200) continued to feel connected, and sign- posted them to where they could get help for financial, physical and mental health support. BBCo supported employees who weren’t eligible for furlough and topped up all salaries to 80% over and above the Government grant.

BBCo are a proud member of Hospitality Action and provide mental health awareness training.

BBCo enhanced its budgetary commitments to support its teams’ Mental Health and Wellbeing in FY23 and a dedicated Wellbeing line remains available to all employees.

In FY23 a leadership programme to create conditions where our teams can thrive was launched. BBCo has grievance, whistle blowing and equality policies for all employees.

BBCo is investing in Sustainability Training for employees and will always promote sustainable values to all internal and external stakeholders wherever possible.


BBCo work with a refuse management partner to reduce the impact of business’s operations on the environment. A target of 75% of all site waste being recycled has been set for FY23, building on an already strong base of 50%.

Glass, card, plastic, food, and oil waste are all recycled. Food waste is processed through anaerobic digestion to create bio fuel. Oil is also recycled into renewable fuels. Glass, card and plastics are all recycled and repurposed. General Waste is incinerated – also generating energy.

Our IT hardware is recycled and reused via the WEE scheme rather than placed into landfill. LED lighting is used wherever possible and induction equipment is installed in all of our kitchens.

BBCo monitor and energy reduction targets weekly, and proactively train employees to reduce wastage of water, electricity and gas. Carbon reduction training is built into all employee training programmes.

BBCo have moved all future car leases to hybrid or electric and have a Company Cycle to Work Scheme to promote clean commuting.


BBCo do not use plastic straws, cutlery or sachets, and only use plastics that are recyclable. BBCo source from suppliers who deliver in recyclable packaging and avoid single use plastics where ever possible.

All packaging for wines and spirits are delivered in cardboard packaging and recycled, and our supplier has been awarded a First Mile Gold & Silver recycling standard. They are also working towards an ESOS Phase 2 Award for Energy Efficiency.

All menu collateral is sourced and printed on recycled paper and point of sale and gift cards are produced from biodegradable materials.

For FY23 all Management Teams and Head Office employees will use recycled pens and paper. 95% of Training Resources are digital, negating the use of printed materials and are working towards a commitment of zero printed training resources for FY24.

BBCo measures food waste and sets reduction targets fortnightly across all businesses. Kitchens separate food waste, and ensures it is disposed of through Anaerobic Digestion or composting. BBCo offer Zero waste recipes for teams and guests via Blogging platforms and Database communications.


Brasserie Bar Co has a Diversity and Inclusion Policy which applies to all employees. The Company actively reports on the Gender Pay Gap to ensure fairness and transparency, and is further guided by a Modern Slavery Policy.

Sustainability Policy FY23

Employees are entitled to Sustainable benefits such as a cycle to work scheme to reduce the impact of their daily commute where possible. Teams are incentivised and rewarded monthly to deliver improvement against their recycling targets.

All stationary for newly hired employees provided by the Learning and Development Team are made from 100% recycled sources.

Brasserie Bar Co are sustainable employers, actively measuring the longevity of employee tenure and staff turnover within the business. Succession planning plays a vital role in the future growth of the Company and its people. Periodic appraisals of learning and development progress is tracked and targeted against to ensure opportunities for progression are made fully available.

Corporate Social Responsibility.

Brasserie Bar Co are committed to achieving Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Targets, as set out in the introduction. These are reviewed quarterly and The Company are held to account by an independent person acting on behalf of the shareholders.


BBCo has a nominated Co. Charity, which is reviewed annually and voted on democratically by employees.

BBCo positively engages with each nominated Charity Partner and undertakes fundraising campaigns and activities on their behalf. In recent years this has included; Charity Dinners and beach cleans, in honour of the MSC and raising over £15k for Hospitality Action.

Local fundraising is encouraged by The Company wherever possible, as each business sits at the centre of their communities.


Brasserie Bar Co are proud advocates of sustainable operations within the sector, and leverage digital platforms to communicate core values, and activities, to the wider industry.

Brasserie Bar Co are proud members of Hospitality Action and The Sustainable Restaurant Association and have been recognised as The Cateys; Best Pub Co | The Pub Awards; Best Publican | Restaurant and Bar Design Awards | NITA’s; Best Training | The Publican; Best Premium Offer.

BBCo are committed to achieving recognition as a Sunday Times; Best Places to Work employer.