We’re so proud to let you know that we’ve been awarded the highest possible score, a three-star Food Made Good rating, by The Sustainable Restaurant Association. It means that our pubs are some of the most ethical and sustainable in the country. The judges particularly loved our seasonal menus that celebrate provenance and our partnerships with suppliers who share our passion for ethical and sustainable food sourcing. So every time you dine with us you’re playing your part in dishing up a sustainable future.

We’ll toast to that!

Seasonal spotlight: Green Courgette

Grown in Evesham, Worcestershire, by fresh produce wholesalers Ferryfast who are extremely passionate about English grown produce. A variety of cucurbit, these Spring-time vegetables showcased in our roast pepper, aubergine and potato tian have a glossy green skins, a firm interior and a mild taste that verges on sweet. We work with our supplier to ensure our round, green courgettes are always premium quality.

Conscious consumers rejoice: Forced Rhubarb

As always, we’re getting to the root of the problem, and our Wye Valley rhubarb and citrus crumble is no exception. By the time it reaches you this deliciously sumptuous sweet treat has been lovingly prepared by the Chinn Family in the Wye Valley, Herefordshire and harvested from March to July. Grown by by fourth-generation farmers, this Rhubarb is forced (grown in the absence of light) to deliver sweet and tender bright pink stems and ensure a more sustainable production.

These thick stems exude intense sourness and are cooked with plenty of sugar to bring out an aromatic fruity ‘greenhouse’ flavour These forced stalks are a much sought after delicacy and we’re committed to bringing them to your plate each and every time you order this tasty dish.

We are just a small seed about to burst into life...

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