We’re so proud to let you know that we’ve been awarded the highest possible score, a three-star Food Made Good rating, by The Sustainable Restaurant Association. It means that our pubs are some of the most ethical and sustainable in the country. The judges particularly loved our seasonal menus that celebrate provenance and our partnerships with suppliers who share our passion for ethical and sustainable food sourcing. So every time you dine with us you’re playing your part in dishing up a sustainable future.

We’ll toast to that!

Seasonal spotlight: Fowey Mussels

The general rule for harvesting mussels is to only collect them in the months which have an “r” in them (i.e. not May, June, July or August) as this gives them time to breed during the warmer months. This is why you won’t see them on our menus during the summer as we work closely with our supplier to source sustainably. Our mussels are rope-grown in Fowey, Cornwall and we serve them with a traditional white wine and shallot sauce alongside bread and chips so you can mop up all the lovely juices. Enjoy!

Conscious consumers rejoice: Forced Rhubarb

As always, we’re getting to the root of the problem, and our Yorkshire Rhubarb and Almond Tart is no exception. By the time it reaches you this deliciously sumptuous sweet treat has been lovingly prepared using forced rhubarb, which is made to mature in near total darkness and ensures a more sustainable production. Yorkshire forced rhubarb grows at such an alarming rate (as much as an inch a day) that it actually makes squeaks, creaks, and pops as it gets bigger. Growers of the plant say that this makes for much sweeter beets, as well contributing to its distinctive bright pink colour. These forced stalks are a much sought after delicacy and we’re committed to bringing them to your plate each and every time you order this tasty dish.

We are just a small seed about to burst into life...

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