Lamb rump with pea purée, pot-roasted carrots and Dauphinoise potato

Serves 2

This dish is the epitome of spring on a plate with tender lamb cooked to perfection and a sweet pea puree that complements it beautifully. Our take on this classic dish will be on our menu when we re-open. In the meantime, it makes the perfect Easter weekend lunch. Dauphinoise potato are also a very versatile side which goes well with almost any main!


2 lamb rump steaks
Salt & pepper
2 tbsp olive oil
100g frozen peas
Sprig of fresh mint, finely chopped
3 garlic cloves
2 tbsp water
4 large potatoes (preferable Maris Piper), peeled & finely sliced
Fresh thyme sprigs
250ml double cream
250ml milk
2 large carrots, peeled & cut lengthways

To make the puree

Boil the frozen peas for five minutes, drain well
Add to the pan the olive oil, water, salt & pepper. Using a blender, puree until smooth
Stir in the mint
Place to one side & keep warm

To make the confit

Boil two cloves of garlic until soft – place to one side & keep warm

To make the Dauphinoise Potato

Crush the remaining garlic clove and fry until golden. Place to one side
Grease a large shallow baking dish and heat your oven to 190c (170c fan)
Over a medium heat, bring the cream, milk, garlic along with a pinch of salt & pepper to a gentle simmer in a large pan
Add the sliced potatoes & simmer for a further five minutes until the potatoes are just soft
Remove the potatoes from the pan with a slotted spoon & place evenly across the bottom of the baking dish
Pour the milk and cream evenly over the potatoes
Place in the middle of the oven & bake for 30 minutes & the top is golden brown
Keep warm once cooked

To make the carrots

Boil the carrots for about 10 minutes until soft and drain
Toss them in a little olive oil & then pan fry until they have caramelised around the edges a little
Put to one side & keep warm

To cook the steaks

Heat a little olive oil in a frying pan over a high heat
Add the steaks and cook for three minutes on each side and golden (the middle will still be pink but you can cook for longer on each side if you prefer less pink)


  1. To serve your beautiful plate of food:
  2. Place your carrots on one side of each plate
  3. Add a spoonful of Dauphinoise potato to each plate
  4. Spoon the pea puree on to the middle of each plate and create a well in the middle
  5. Place the cooked steak on top of the puree
  6. Garnish with the thyme sprigs and garlic confit