Feel Good Friday – Try A Mojito!

Feel Good Friday!
With National Rum Day have been yesterday and London Cocktail month coming up in October, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to tell you more about one of our refreshingly delicious cocktails, the Mojito! A party classic, you can mix this drink up using fresh mint, white rum, sugar, zesty lime and cooling soda water – the secret to the best made mojitos, lashings of crushed ice.
For those of you who would like to try one for yourself, here’s our recipe to help you along the way!


Cocktail shaker
Soda water
Mint leaves
Limes x2
crushed ice


  1. Tear 12-15 mint leaves & add to your cocktail tumbler along with four lime wedges & sugar
  2. Muddle these ingredients together
  3. Fill tumbler with crushed ice
  4. Pour in 50ml of your chosen rum and shake!
  5. Pour into a tall glass and top with soda water
  6. Garnish with a sprig of mint