Behind the scenes of our new autumn menu shoot…

This autumn we decided to shoot our new menu photographs somewhere a little different… the magical Le Manoir, Raymond’s home ground! Before any photoshoot, our marketing team has a brainstorm to come up with a new and exciting concept and, as we want to really go back to our French roots, simplicity and seasonality this year, what better place to shoot.

The props were gathered, our photographer booked, and the shoot began. Clive, our Executive Chef, and Manoj, Area Chef, were of course on hand to help prepare and plate our delicious new autumn dishes. (They even built their own ‘kitchen’ in the greenhouse so they could cook the dishes fresh & in situ!).  The sun was shining and from the gorgeous glass greenhouses to Raymond’s pond filled with flowering lilies, there were plenty of lovely backdrops to be had. We really wanted to create a sense of our ingredients being harvested for autumn so amongst our dish photos you’ll find fresh, delicious vegetables, baskets filled with seasonal produce and gardening tools.

Keep an eye out on social media and our website for all the extra photography shots, new dishes & behind the scenes photos. We are so very excited for our Autumn launch on the 30th September, we’re sure it’s going to put a smile on all your faces!